About Svartisen

With its 370 square kilometers, it covers an area larger than Oslo and Bergen combined, making Svartisen the second largest glacier in Norway.

One of the easiest gateways to see the glacier is Austerdalsisen i Rana. The name Svartisen comes from the old name "Svartis", which describes the characteristic deep blue color in the ice, contrasting with the white snow. The ice masses show a spectrum of blue tones, from transparent ice, to turquoise and dark blue. 

How to get to Svartisen? 

To get to the starting point, drive off the E6 towards Røssvoll (Mo i Rana airport), and follow the signs into Svartisdalveien towards Svartisen.
 There is a large parking lot here for motorhomes/camping trailers. It is also possible to find a tent pitch. In the kiosk you can buy boat tickets, something to drink, snacks and souvenirs. There is a toilet available at the car park.

After a 20-minute boat ride across the water, a 3 km hike follows. The hike goes on solid rock and starts with a steady climb before it flattens out towards a popular lookout point. Here there is a gap hut where you can eat food and drink you have brought with you while enjoying the view towards the glacier arm.

The weather at the glacier changes quickly, so even if it is sunny and warm in the city, we recommend that you bring some extra clothes.
Remember to take everything you bring back home with you. There is no mobile coverage at the glacier.


Svartis 3 

Boat times:

The boat traffic is closed for the 2023 season.

Prices over and return:
Adult - 300kr
Kids under 12 - 150kr
Dog - 90kr
Baby - Free


Boat tickets can be bought in the Kiosk. There you can also buy suvenirs, hot/cold drinks, snacks, hot dog and hamburger.  

The kiosk and boat traffic for 2023 is closed.

Parking and camping

2 km before you get to us, is a toll station. 
The toll fee is 150kr, it is included parking and camping.


You can either choose to pay on your phone on the internet/app or you can wait till you get the bill when you get home. From you pass, you have 48 hours to pay. We recommend that you pay on your phone, then you don't get a fee.


Season is from mid june till late august. This depends on the snow on the lake. 

The boat traffic for 2023 is closed.